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This website was designed thanks to the Chair “Physics Reimagined” of the Fondation Paris-Sud supported by Air Liquide.
Magnetism animations made thanks to the support of the ANR Link2 research program.

Scientific board

Julien Bobroff and Frédéric Bouquet from the group « Physics Reimagined » (Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Université Paris Sud and CNRS) with the help of Fabrice Bert (LPS), Véronique Brouet (LPS), Vincent Jacques (LPS), Marianne Imperor (LPS), Pascale Launois (LPS), Marino Marsi (LPS), Mark Oliver Goerbig (LPS), Janet Rafner (LPS), Claire Lauhle (SOLEIL and Université Paris Sud), Jean-Noël Fuchs (Laboratoire de Physique Théorique de la Matière Condensée, Université Pierre et Marie Curie), Vincent Jacques (Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, CNRS, ENS Cachan, Univ. Paris-Sud), David Clement (Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Institut d’Optique Graduate School), Christian Colliex (LPS), Nathalie Brun (LPS), Françoise Livolant (LPS), Frédéric Restagno (LPS), Yves Noat (INSP, UPMC), Philippe Mendels (LPS), Edwin Kermarrec (LPS)

Animations, graphic designs, web designs


sound design

lao experiment

Photo credits

CNRS Photothèque
Jérôme Chatin (Quantization, Bose-Einstein Condensation), Christophe Lebedinsky (Tunnel effect), François Jannin (Atome), Sébastien Godefroy (Duality), Benoît Rajau (Laser and Metal, electronic microscopy MEB and TEM), Hubert RAGUET (Spin, Confocal), Cyril Fresillon (dark field, AFM, Cristallography), Hubert Raguet (STM), Jean-Claude Rouillon (Polarising), Laurence Medard (Graphene).
Photographs were taken at the SOLEIL synchrotron (CAVOK production / Laurent Persin), at the LCFIO (CNRS Photo library, J. Chatin), at the LPS (CNRS Photo library, B. Rajau,L. Medard), at the LRCS (CNRS Photo library, C. Fresillon) at the IPR (CNRS Photo library, Kaksonen) at Jacques Monod Institut (CNRS Photo library, Hubert Raguet), Institut Langevin Ondes et Images (CNRS Photo library C. Fresillon), Laboratoire réactivité et chimie des solides (CNRS Photo library, C. Fresillon)
Herbertsmithite : sqm lps / neutrons : J.-M. Zanotti CEA / Cyril FRESILLON/LNCMI/CNRS Photothèque / LPS : Benoît RAJAU/LPS/CNRS Photothèque /


Mélanie Mora Y Collazo


Our thanks go to Joël Chevrier, Jean-Michel Courty ,Catherine Dematteis, Anna da Costa, Matthieu Lambert, Roland Lehoucq, Amélie Zanetti, Mehdi Zeghal, Sarah Garçon for their help and advice and to all our colleagues and professors collègues et professeurs for their involvement in the promotion of our activities.

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