The laser technology

Invented by physicists, the laser technology uses the quantum properties of atoms to emit a light of a special kind.

This extraordinary laser light, which is very directional whose colour is pure, is made of light particles, the photons, each identical to the other and perfectly well superposed.

The laser technology is used in medicine, in the industry, in our DVD players, and in the fibre-optic internet networks. Researchers handle lasers in the labs to manipulate atoms, for instance.

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In laboratory : Using lasers to trap atoms

In some labs physicists have managed to immobilize the atoms of a gas to observe its properties. In order to do so they use laser beams that slow down atoms when they are very precisely set. Once the atoms were immobilized, researchers observed the formation of a giant quantum wave, called the ‘Bose-Einstein condensate’, and it has surprising properties. Numerous scientists are currently working on this wave.

Practical application : Using lasers to make the internet go faster

The fastest internet networks make use of fibre optics to convey information. In order to do so the data that need to be transmitted are coded in small flashes of light emitted by laser diodes, a sort of mini-lasers made with semiconductors. You have access to higher speed internet thanks to these laser diodes.